What You Need to Know about the Differences between the Three Common Technologies of Hair Removal

What You Need to Know about the Differences between the Three Common Technologies of Hair Removal

What You Need to Know about the Differences between the Three Common Technologies of Hair Removal
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For some people who have never ever do hair removal with devices alone, light devices are very confusing.

IPL, laser and HPL options before us—Which to choose ?

How is our body hair removed by sorts of light devices ?

Is it painful or workable?


Follow our expert guide below to find which option is ideal for you.

Utilizing the characteristics that the melanin of hair root absorbs energy, the hair removal instrument penetrate the epidermis and reach the hair follicle of the dermis. After the hair follicle melanocytes absorb energy, that’s, the light energy is converted into heat energy, causing thermal damage to the hair follicle, their function is limited, which in turn affects hair development and achieves long-term hair removal.

Relying on the principle of melanin absorbs heat energy, the hair removal instrument itself cannot distinguish the hair root melanin from the skin melanin. Therefore, for those who have too deep skin or have done tanning, light energy will directly act on the skin surface layer, causing burns. Similarly, if there are tattoos or scars on the body, and the light energy cannot directly affect the hair root but the skin, which is easy to cause damage to the skin.

At present, there are three common technologies of hair removal devices on the market: Laser, IPL and HPL. The irritation of the three types of light energy to the skin decreases in turn, that is, in terms of the possibility of causing damage to human skin: laser>IPL>HPL.

Laser, also known as laser, is a single wavelength of light. Its image can be intuitively understood as a needle. It has strong pertinence, high energy, and strong pain when used. It is usually used in professional hospitals and beauty salons. At present, only Tria and Silkpro use this technology for home hair removal devices. Compared with the following two technologies, it has a low safety factor, and it is easy to burn the skin and form erythema or blisters.

IPL, intense pulsed light is a band of light, which can be intuitively understood as a fan. The energy is not as strong as the laser, but it will also have obvious pain when used. At present, most home hair removal devices on the market use this technology. The irritation caused by the light energy may also cause some side effects to the human body. They can be divided into two major categories:

HPL, House pulsed light is currently the mildest light. Essentially similar to IPL, the Israeli patented technology is a technology specifically designed for household hair removal devices. Compared with IPL, under the premise of the same light energy, shorten the lighting time, make the energy peak per unit time higher, and the targeting of light energy is stronger. To a certain extent, it can be said that it is an upgraded version of IPL technology. It is almost painless to use it for hair removal, but because it is a patented technology, only Gevilan and Silk’n can use this technology on the market. In summary, the HPL Hair Removal Apparatus is suitable for almost all skin types. The above-mentioned contraindications and pregnant women are not included.

Normal conditions

1. The hair removal area is slight pain and discomfort.

2. The sensation of heat or tingling during hair removal usually disappears after a few seconds to one minute, and decreases with continued use.

3. Itching in the hair removal area.

4. The skin becomes red during hair removal, Symptoms will disappear after a few minutes. These are the normal reactions of using IPL for hair removal, and the discomfort will gradually ease as long as you use the instructions. There are also some people whose skin redness will not disappear within a few minutes after use, and may last for 24-48 hours. If this happens, you can stop using the device immediately and consult a doctor before using it again.

Abnormal conditions

1. The hair removal area is swollen and the skin is red, and it does not relieve after 2-3 days

2. Temporary skin discoloration (lightening or darkening)

3. Skin blisters or burns, stop using the instrument and consult a doctor in time.

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