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Household cold hair removal equipment

Household cold hair removal equipment

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Smooth and clean, beautiful without covering!

Don't you want to have smooth and clean skin?

Take off your hairy coat and leave your skin feeling smooth

【Model:BP0802 】 【 Size:207*74*51mm】 【 Energy level:1~10LV 】 【 Net weight:289g】

Deparee, let you stand out

  • ⬤ Up to 21J flash energy

    The higher the energy of a single flash during hair removal, the better the hair removal effect

  • ⬤ Hair removal cooling system

    When removing hair, it feels cold, painless, and does not cause skin damage.

  • ⬤ Energy 1-10 gear control

    10 levels of energy are adjustable, suitable for users with different hair thickness

Only by removing body hair can one become more charming

Hair removal is cool, painless, and effective

Full coverage cooling technology is adopted throughout the entire process, ensuring a cool and comfortable hair removal experience


    Suitable for large area hair removal areas such as legs, arms, back, etc


    Suitable for small areas of hair removal such as armpits, bikinis, lips, and face

Remove awkwardness, remove worries, and make you more perfect

Swimming pools and beaches are a must-have place for every woman in the summer, and swimsuits and bikinis are the most embarrassing and embarrassing places to expose their personal hair.

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